Flavor & Fragrance

At present, 70% of the chemical raw materials in the fragrance industry come from petrochemicals, with an annual usage of about 420,000 tons. Thirty percent comes from agricultural crops and forestry extracts, with an annual usage of about 185,000 tons. Among these, 130,000 tons of turpentine derivatives are produced using turpentine fine technology, and about 55,000 tons are extracted from natural essential oils of various plants (Alain Frix, 2023).

In the turpentine technology scheme, 165,000 tons come from Gum Turpentine, and 120,000 tons utilize by-products from the papermaking industry, known as CST (Crude Sulphate Turpentine).

Currently, biotechnology-derived natural chemicals (natchem from biotech) make up less than 1% of the entire fragrance industry. They are cost-effective and can obtain industry certifications. However, they often do not meet the processing standards of European countries and North American. In today's environment of high raw material costs, it remains a controversial option.

The southwestern region of China, characterized by a humid climate and diverse landscapes, boasts abundant natural flavor resources. By 2007, Chinese flavor exports had reached a significant $6 million, accounting for 25% of the global market share.

The Foreverest™ Natural & Synthetics Flavor Series integrate cutting-edge technologies such as biological processes, supercritical extraction, molecular distillation, ultrasonic extraction, and other advanced extraction methods. We work with high-quality factories in China to supply top-notch materials to the global market.

Natural Flavor

Natural flavors are ingredients that come from natural sources such as a spice, fruit, or vegetable. They can even come from herbs, barks, roots, or similar plant materials. Natural flavors also come from meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Flavors are only used to add taste to foods; they are not nutritional.

Artificial Flavor

Artificial Flavor are flavorings that don't meet the definition of natural flavor. There isn't much difference in the chemical compositions of natural and artificial flavorings. For example, an artificial strawberry flavor may contain the same individual substances as a natural one, but the ingredients come from a source other than a strawberry.

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Geranium oil

CAS: 8000-46-2

Geranium oil is produced by steam distilling the pelargonium grave-olens plant’s flowers and leaves.Geranium oil is considered nontoxic, nonirritant and generally non-sensitizing – and the thera…


Cajeput Oil

CAS: 8008-98-8
SPECS: 65%

Cajeput oil is produced by steam distillation of fresh leaves and twigs of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca leucadendra). Cajeput oil contains higher concentrations of 1,8 cineole(Eucalyptol), limonene and…



CAS: 78-69-3
SPECS: 99%

Tetrahydrolinalool is colorless clear liquid. It has a fresh floral with a tea-like nuance odor and it is completely soluble in alcohol.Tetrahydrolinalool is a terpene-based product derived from pine …


Amyl Salicylate

CAS: 2050-08-0
SPECS: 99%

Amyl salicylate is a benzoate ester.It is refined by esterification of salicylic acid and pentanol catalyzed by sulfuric acid.Amyl salicylate is mainly used in fragrance.



CAS: 90-05-1
SPECS: 99.5%

Guaiacol is an oily yellow liquid with a penetrating odor, obtained by distilling wood tar or wood creosote.Guaiacol is present in wood smoke, resulting from the pyrolysis of lignin. The compound cont…


alpha Longipinene

CAS: 5989-08-2
SPECS: 95%

alpha-Longipinene from gum turpentine oil. Used as a solvent, intermediate to dyestuff, perfume, medicine production.


2-Methylvaleric acid

CAS: 97-61-0
SPECS: 98%

2-Methylpentanoic acid is colorless to slightly yellow liquid with strong pungent, unhappy acid odor. It is prepared by aldol condensation of propanal catalyzed by dilute alkali, then dehydroxylation,…



CAS: 93-51-6
SPECS: 98%

Creosol, also called Valspice, 4-methyl guaiacol, molecular formula C8H10O2, is colorless to pale yellow liquid with spice, woody, and sweet vanilla nuances, a smoky campfire-like character.It is extr…


4-Methyl Guaiacol

CAS: 93-51-6
SPECS: 98%

4-Methyl guaiacol, also called as VALSPICE, Creosol, is colorless to pale yellow liquid with condimental odor and distinctive soy scent. It is extracted from natural wood oil.4-Methyl guaiacol is main…