In electric processing, the flux works the solders with welding materials, and remove the oxides on the surface. With the trend of lead-free on digital products industry, the Gum Rosin Derivatives has became the main ingredients of fluxes.

Foreverest™ Gum Rosin Derivatives Series modifies the rosin with  hydrogenation, increasing the oxidation resistance, preventing the trend of crystallization, and reducing the color of resins.

Terpineol Electric Grade has the benefit with moisture content of 0.016%, used for cleaning agent.

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Available Products

Products Chemicals Name CAS
AR120240 Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin 83137-13-7
95% alpha-Pinene 80-56-8
95% alpha-Terpinene 99-86-5
98% Beta Pinene (CAS 127-91-3-98) 127-91-3/18172-67-3/19902-08-0
400 Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
HG100D Colorless Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate 65997-13-9
HG100H Colorless Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate 65997-13-9
PEHR100D Colorless Pentaerythritol Hydrogenated Rosinate 64365-17-9
PEHR100E Colorless Pentaerythritol Hydrogenated Rosinate 64365-17-9
RA988 Dehydroabietylamine (Leelamine) 1446-61-3
138-86-3CP40 Dipentene (CAS 138-86-3) 138-86-3
138-86-3N Dipentene (Natural) 138-86-3
138-86-3S Dipentene (Synthetic) 138-86-3
96% Dipentene (Synthetic) 138-86-3
138-86-3DHM Dipentene DHM (CAS 138-86-3) 138-86-3
D459 Disproportionated Rosin 8050-09-7
GMS40 Glyceryl Monostearate 123-94-4
GMS90 Glyceryl Monostearate 123-94-4
R/X Gum Rosin 8050-09-7
YPR/WW Gum Rosin 8050-09-7
99% Heliotropin (CAS 120-57-0) 120-57-0
HAR125220 Hydrogenated Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin 144413-22-9
H106 Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
H108 Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
HWG Grade Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
95% Limonene 138-86-3
- NOP 2687-94-7
P100255 Pentaerythrite Modified Rosinate 8050-26-8
P95253 Pentaerythrite Modified Rosinate 8050-26-8
P100251 Pentaerythrite Modified Rosinate 8050-26-8