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In electric processing, the flux works the solders with welding materials, and remove the oxides on the surface. With the trend of lead-free on digital products industry, the Gum Rosin Derivatives has became the main ingredients of fluxes.

Foreverest™ Gum Rosin Derivatives Series modifies the rosin with  hydrogenation, increasing the oxidation resistance, preventing the trend of crystallization, and reducing the color of resins.

Terpineol Electric Grade has the benefit with moisture content of 0.016%, used for cleaning agent.

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Abietic Acid (CAS 514-10-3)

CAS: 514-10-3
SPECS: 99%

Abietic acid is a white resinous powder. It takes rosin as raw material, after a series of distillation, the residual liquid of turpentine oil is steamed out, then filter it at 210℃ or so and cool and…


Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin

CAS: 83137-13-7
SPECS: AR120240

Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin (AAMR) is a derivative from additive reaction of gum rosin with acrylic acid. Generally, acrylic acid modified rosin has better adhesion, increased solubility, and enhanced…


Alcohol Soluble Rosin Resin

SPECS: AE145180, AE130140, AE130200, AE145220

Alcohol Soluble Rosin Resin are Rosin derivative that modified by unsaturated acid and partial esterified with multi-alcohol.The solubility of this type of resin has been modified to make it soluble i…


Alkyl Phenolic Resin

CAS: 9003-35-4

Alkyl Phenolic Resin is a product prepared by the condensation reaction between an aldehyde and alkylphenols. It is a kind of phenol-formaldehyde resin with good solubility. Therefore it is a perfect …



CAS: 99-86-5
SPECS: 95%

Alpha Terpinene is isolated from cardamom and marjoram oils, one of the group in isomeric hydrocarbons. Which is a flavoring and fragrance chemical used in the personal care and cosmetic and food indu…



CAS: 98-55-5
SPECS: 95%

There are two sources, one is natural distilled from tree extract, another kinds of Alpha terpineol is isolated from essential oil. Alpha terpineol is widely used as a basic component in lilac, lime a…