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The guide combines the biobased chemicals applied on various fine chemistry industries to market solution.


Mining Industry


Food Flavors

Electronic Industry

Tackifier & Binders

Cleaning Solution

We supply biobased chemicals for cleaning industry. Includes household and commercial cleaning products industry, industrial speciality cleaning and farm hygiene.

Mining Solution

Flotation reagents and surfactans for mining industry.


Agricultural Solution

The plant-based ingredients for crop protection and plant cares.

  • Adjuvants
  • Biofungicides
  • Biopesticides

Food Flavors

Natural extracts, nature identical and synthetic flavouring ingredients. Speciality applied as synthetic materials of flavours, beverages, premixed flavours for the bakery.

  • Nature Identical & Synthetic Flavoring
  • Natural Extracts

Electronic Solution

Rosins resins and organic solvents for the electronics industry.

  • Soldering Application for SMT
  • Organic Carriers for Electronic Pastes

Tackifier & Binders

The key ingredients in PSA, HMA, coating and inks formulas. We supply full range types of tackifiers and binders.

  • Rosin Resins
  • Terpene Resins
  • Hydrogenated C5


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