Flotation collectors were mainly identified as Anionic Collectors, these are fatty acid based compounds which, such as Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA). And Cationic Collectors, are typically amine-based compound, such as Gum Rosin Amine. Anionic collectors can be used in the flotation of phosphate and oxide minerals. Cationic collectors can be used in the flotation of quartz or silicates.

Gum rosin and the derivatives chiefly consist of resin acids, especially abietic acid, which capable of in the flotation of Hematite, Magnetite, and Goethite. The derivatives can neutralize to sodium soap with caustic soda, such as DERCINATE™ 70D, a rosin soap was produced by DRT. TOFA can be applied in anionic collectors, react from TOFA as pentaerythritol ester of tall oil fatty acid, such as RESINOLINE™ E500 from DRT, a foaming agent for mineral flotation.

Gum rosin amine is the other important ingredient of flotation reagents, it can react a separation of Pyrocholore from Calcite or react a separation of SiO2 from Apatite.(Herbert G Burks, Brit, 800717, 1958). Another general product is Rosins Amine D™ a rosin amine acetate produced by PDM Inc. This series contains Dehydroabietylamine about 55%, Dihydroabietylamine about 15%, Tetrahydrobietylamine about 15%, Pimaricamine about 8% and Isopimaricamine about 7%.

NOTE: DERCINATE and RESINOLINE is the trademark of DRT. Roins Amine D is the trademark of PDM Inc.
MARKET REPORT: Global Mining Chemicals Market Outlook (2014-2022)

Pine Based Chemicals For Flotaion
Available Products CAS Sales Region
Disproportionated Rosin 8050-09-7 Global
WW Grade Gum Rosin 8050-09-7 Global
WG Grade Gum Rosin 8050-09-7 Global
50% Pine Oil 8002-09-3 Global
65% Pine Oil 8002-09-3 Global
Crude Tall Oil 8002-26-4 Asia, Middle East
2nd Grade TOFA 61790-12-3 Asia, Middle East
3rd Grade TOFA 61790-12-3 Asia, Middle East
Application Range
Ore Cationic Collector Anionic Collector United Cationic & Aninoic Collector
Specular stone
Vanadium concentrate
Zinc oxide


On mining chemicals, Turpentine Oil is a key frother, we call it as “Number.2 Oil” in China. It natural contains Terpineol, which was reacted a hydration and dehydration from alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene. Turpentine oil was generally identified as Gum turpentine, Crude sulfate turpentine (CST) and Wood turpentine. It’s a by-product of papermaking in North America, they are using CST as the main material of frothers.

Frothers effect the quality and number of bubbles. They also influence the touching between mineral particles, which would increase the adhesion of hydrophobic mineral particles touch on small and rich foam, so that separate of hydrophilic particles.

Terpineol has a rigid structure in an Alcoholic hydroxyl and compounds with a six-membered ring containing a double bond. It has better stability than Linear alcohol. The structure reduces the flexibility of bubble wall and keeps foam maintaining the shape. See figures as below, comparing with other alcohols, Terpineol has the moderate height of foam and a better half-life at different concentrations.

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