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Tackifiers and binders are core components of various substances in bonding adhesives (especially PSA and HMA), coatings, and ink formulations. The choice of tackifiers and binders directly affects the cohesion and rheological properties of the formulation.

Modified resins prepared from gum rosin is an important bio-based raw material that plays the role of tackifiers and binders. Gum rosin modified resin is a traditional tackifier. Our company has further subdivided the modified resin of the hydrogenation route, which is prepared through the hydrogenation process. This hydrogenated resin series of altered rosin resins exhibits improved performance in terms of color, compatibility, and stability.

Polyterpene resin series is a key product for us. Its performance, particularly its color, has reached the industry-leading level and can be applied in specific industry fields.

Foreverest® is a professional bio-based modified resins supplier. We can provide customized rosin-modified resin solutions for tackifier and binder applications, tailored to downstream client formulation needs.



Food Contact Material

Industrial Castings

Rubber & Tire Industry

Size Agent of Paper Making

Structure & Industrial

Others (Chewing Gum, etc)

Light Color Hydrogenated Terpene Resins

Excellent properties in water white color, thermal stability and weather resistance. This is a new-type terpene polymer product. For hygienic products like disposable diapers, it is highly recommended to opt for safe and bio-based materials as a base for adhesives.

Hydrogenated Rosin Resins

Hydrogenation reactions result in the increased stability of unsaturated bonds. In contrast to rosin modified resin, this option is less prone to oxidation and has a lighter color.

Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate Liquid Resin

Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate is a liquid resin that is used as a thickener in W/O oil-soluble formulas and can also brighten the gloss of cosmetics.

Polyterpene Resins

Polyterpene resin is a thermoplastic block copolymer with characteristics such as light color, non-toxicity, non-crystallinity, and strong adhesion. Food-grade terpene resin needs to remove residual toluene solvent, unreacted monomers, and low molecular weight polymers. It can be used as a base for chewing gum.

Phenolic Resins

Low smoke and low toxicity, have excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. Be well applied in the structure industry and specialty filter paper market.

Rosin Esters

The ester gum based on rosin carboxyl modifying. Used as the weighting agent for beverages, plasticizer for gum based and coated fertilizer of tobacco.

Modified Resins

The modified resins have excellent performances on the rosin resin production and specialty applications of adhesives, coatings and paints industries.

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