Fluid Binders (Batteries)

The mainstream in the market currently uses PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) as a binder. In actual mass production, there is a tendency for PVDF to absorb electrolytes, leading to swelling and a decrease in bonding performance. It cannot effectively control the volume changes of particles during the charging and discharging process. At the same time, the organic solvent NMP (N-methylpyrrole) used in PVDF is volatile, flammable, explosive, and highly toxic. The volatility of NMP not only endangers the health of production workshop staff but also leads to significant environmental pollution and high recovery expenses.

Compared to solvent-based adhesives, water-based binder systems using terpene resin as a raw material have characteristics such as solvent-free release, environmental compliance, low cost, non-flammability, and safe use. They have become an important development direction for binders in lithium-ion batteries.

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Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer

CAS: 106168-39-2

Foreverest® HTR105 is a kind of colorless or water white resin that has thermal stability and weather resistance.It is a newly developed hydrogenated terpene resin. Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer is an …


Liquid Terpene Resin

CAS: 31393-98-3
SPECS: 31393

Liquid terpene Resin, is polymerized by gum turpentine, which is a kind of excellent tackifier, with the characteristics including strong cohesive force, good aging resistance, heat resistance, radiat…


Styrenated Terpene Resin

CAS: 64536-06-7

Styrenated Terpene Resin is made by carrying out cationic polymerization of a terpene compound and sytene compound under Friedel-Crafts catalyst, in processing of the hydrolysis, washing, filtering an…


Terpene Phenolic Resin Emulsion

CAS: 68648-57-7

Foreverest™  Terpene Phenolic Resin Emulsion TPR602E is an aqueous, solvent free resin based on terpene phenolic resin, mixture with waterborne dispersion of a terpene-phenol resin. It was applied for…


Terpene Resin

CAS: 31393-98-3

Terpene Resin is made of alpha-Pinene and beta-pinene through catalyzing polymerization. A kind of pale yellow transparent solid. Non-toxic, odorless, anti-radiation, anti-aging, anti-acid and base, a…