Plant Extracts & Natural Identical

The worldwide market for Natural Extracts holds a value of $11.94 billion. In 2022, it is forecast to reach a value of $25 billion by 2030.

Market Segmented*

  • Natural Extracts
    • essential oils
    • oleoresins
    • herbal extracts
    • natural colours
    • dried crops
  • Plant Extracts
    • essential oils
    • oleoresins
    • flavonoids
    • alkaloids
    • carotenoids
  • Botanical Extracts
    • flowers
    • herbs
    • fruits
    • spices
    • tea leaves
    • others

Natural Extracts 2023, TREATT

# Plant Monomers Family Tree based on Tree Species (2024v1)

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CAS: 1504-74-1
SPECS: 98%

2-Methoxycinnamaldehyde (2-MCA) is a natural compound of Cinnamomum cassia, has been widely studied with regard to its antitumor activity.


CAS: 2785-89-9
SPECS: 96~99%

4-Ethylguaiacol is extracted from natural wood oil. 4-Ethylguaiacol is colorless to slightly yellow liquid with condimental smell and distinctive soy scent.


CAS: 1125-21-9
SPECS: 98%

4-Ketoisophorone is also known as 2,6,6-Trimethyl-2-cyclohexene-1,4-dione. It is the major component of saffron spice.

4-Methyl Guaiacol

CAS: 93-51-6
SPECS: 98%

4-Methyl guaiacol, also called as VALSPICE, Creosol, is colorless to pale yellow liquid with condimental odor and distinctive soy scent. It is extracted from natural wood oil.4-Methyl guaiacol is main…

4-Vinyl Guaiacol

CAS: 7786-61-0
SPECS: 99%

4-Vinyl Guaiacol natural extracted in the corn ethanol fermentation volatiles, is a colorless or pale yellow oily liquid, has fermented aroma with slightly sweet.  It is the major flavor component to …

alpha Cedrene

CAS: 469-61-4
SPECS: 90%

Alpha Cedrene, Beta Cedrene and Thujopsene are naturally found in cedarwood oil. It appears yellow liquid with woody odor.Alpha Cedrene industrial grade can be obtained by separating the cedar oil and…

alpha Ionone

CAS: 127-41-3
SPECS: 70%

The Ionones are a series of closely related chemical substances. They are part of rose ketones, which also include damascones and damascenones. Ionones are aroma compounds naturally found in essential…

alpha Thujene

CAS: 2867-05-2
SPECS: 2867-05-2-80, 2867-05-2-90

Thujene also called as 3-Thujene, is a natural flavoring obtained from Eucalyptus.The thujene usually refers to α-thujene. A less common chemically related double-bond isomer is known as β-thujene (or…