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We have reorganized the original product category based on market segmentation and technical routes. You can visit the original category here. A new resin group "Hydrogenated Resins Scheme" separated from hydrogenation scheme in Rosin Derivatives and Polyterpene Resins. The plant monomers line is subdivided into two major categories: Plant Extracts & Natural Identical and Synthetic, which are integrated under the Aroma Chemicals category.

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(R)-(+)-Campholenic Aldehyde

CAS: 4501-58-0
SPECS: 4501-58-0-85

Campholenic Aldehyde is appears colorless liquid with fresh and woody odor. It is prepared by the isomerization reaction of 2,3-epoxy pinane.There are optical isomers of campholenic aldehyde. (R)-(+)-…


CAS: 23727-15-3
SPECS: 23727-15-3-L85



CAS: 470-67-7
SPECS: 95%

1,4-Cineole is a monoterpene, has camphor odor, natural exists in cubeb, chamomile, boldea fragrans juss, ormenix multicaulis and etc.FOREVEREST™ 1,4-Cineole is produced in dehydration process from al…


CAS: 470-67-7
SPECS: 90%

1,4-Cineole is a monoterpene having camphor odor. It is natural exists in cubeb, chamomile, boldea fragrans juss, ormenix multicaulis, etc.1,4-Cineole is produced in dehydration process from alpha-ter…


CAS: 470-82-6
SPECS: 99%

1, 8 Cineole comprises up to 90% of the essential oil of the Eucalyptus oil, hence the common name of the compound. It is also found in camphor laurel, bay leaves, tea tree, mugwort, sweet basil, worm…


CAS: 1504-74-1
SPECS: 98%

2-Methoxycinnamaldehyde (2-MCA) is a natural compound of Cinnamomum cassia, has been widely studied with regard to its antitumor activity.

2-Methylundecanal (CAS 110-41-8)

CAS: 110-41-8
SPECS: 96%

2-Methylundecanal is an organic compound that is found naturally in kumquat peel oil. This compound smells herbaceous, orange, and ambergris-like.It is industrially prepared by the reaction of methyln…


CAS: 13466-78-9
SPECS: 95%

Delta 3-Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene which occurs naturally as a constituent of turpentine. It appears colorless liquid with strong woody odor. Delta 3-Carene is extracted from the pine tree oil a…


CAS: 1125-21-9
SPECS: 98%

4-Ketoisophorone is also known as 2,6,6-Trimethyl-2-cyclohexene-1,4-dione. It is the major component of saffron spice.