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PINEYE®, Organic Adjuvant Label for Plant Cares and Crop protection

PINEYE® Emulsion contains water emulsifiable active ingredients, the organic compounds are derived from the pine trees. As biobased film forming type adjuvant, PINEYE® Emulsion effects N on 1 properties, it can defense membrane damage, sunburn damage, ozone injury, control the pathogen infection, enhance the efficacy of fungicides. PINEYE® Emulsion offers a adjuvants solution for agricultural applications, includes antitranspirants, wetting dispersants, plant diseases control and potentiators.

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Plant diseases cause the serious economic losses to growing industry. Such as Downy mildew, can reduce the yield by 20% to 40%. The fungicide formulation is the key issue for growers and farmers. PINEYE® Emulsion is prepared by biodegradable ingredients, the broad-spectrum antibacterial ability from plants can improve efficacy of plant fungicides effectively.

Sunburn damage may cause farmers' flowers, crops and fruits browning, even necrosis. But there are not all the plants in many regions would defense UV sunlight through an open diffusive pathway into the stomatal chambers. PINEYE® Emulsion is a film forming surfactant adjuvant. When growers sprayed emulsion on the crops, flowers or fruits, the liquid extends on the surface and forming a sunscreen coating. This coating will lock water and acts anti-transpiration property.

PINEYE® Emulsion is an organic film-forming adjuvant, releases an elasticity coating on the foliage surface after sprayed emulsion for an hour on a rainy day. The coating reduces the rate of diffusion that bio-pesticides will not be cleaned away by rain. The release control property can help farmers save money for the invalidity cost and control bio-pesticides rate at an eco and safety level.

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CAS: 34363-01-4

Polymenthene™ (Poly-1-p-Menthene) is copolymerized by several specific Terpene under specified conditions, an biobased treatment ingredient for plant adjuvants.


CAS: 34363-01-4

Poly-menthene (Poly-1-p-Menthene) is copolymerized by several specific Terpene under specified conditions, an biobased treatment ingredient for plant adjuvants.

PINEYE® Emulsion

CAS: 31393-98-3

PINEYE® Emulsion is a non-toxic film-forming adjuvant surfactant, used for coating plants to prevent loss of water and adhere pesticides to the plants.