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Tell Your Account Manager with...
  • Specification of ingredients
  • Purchase details
  • Your delivery agenda
  • Payment terms
  • Other requirements
Sample Fee We Accept...
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
Duty of Account Managers on...
  • TDS & SDS files
  • Certificate of analysis issued
  • Origin Certification by CCPIT or CIQ
  • Beneficiary’s certificate
  • Insurance
  • Photos of cargo loaded

PO Payment completed on time. And we assistance for your import customs clearance.

If there is anything about the important information (PAYMENT, BANK ACCOUNT and so on) to be changed, please pay high attention, please don’t pay if new account appears and confirm with us in time. If there is any change of FOREVEREST RESOURCES Ltd. NAME, BANK ACCOUNTS, A FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT WITH COMPANY STAMP and AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE will be sent to you by FAX/Mail separately.


Kindly contact our team to get the specification details and latest price.