Crude Tall Oil

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Crude Tall Oil (CTO) is a by-product of the kraft pulping process used by many paper mills. Tall oil soap is collected at the mills and then acidulated to make crude tall oil. It is a mixture of fatty acids, rosin and other neutral materials and forms water-in-oil emulsions and stabilizes mud systems at high bottom-hole temperatures. The CTO can then be further refined through the fractionation process to separate it into the components of tall oil fatty acid, tall oil rosin, distilled tall oil, pitch and heads. (GP-CTO)


  • metal-working operations
  • mining industry for flotation
  • obtaining corrosion inhibitors as a component of environmentally-friendly fuel
  • producing drill fluids
  • producing metal-working fluids for metal-rolling
  • separating fluids for concrete products industry



  • additional special requirements to conditions of storage are not present.
  • avoid all contact with skin and eyes.
  • do not allow potential leaks to be discharged into an acid-containing sewer.
  • do not smoke in. it is necessary to exclude access of children and animals.
  • keep far from sources of heat. keep from direct sunlight.
  • keep far from sources of the open flame.
  • the warehouse should provide protection of substance against direct influence of sunlight, humidity, pollution and mechanical damage.
  • to keep in dry and good ventilated place separately from food.
  • total reduced sulfur compounds including hydrogen sulfide may be present in vapor space above cto in amounts exceeding osha permissible limits.


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Acid Value, mgKOH/g ≥140
Moisture, % ≤0.5
Rosin Acid, % ≤32.0
Unsaponifiables, % ≤4.0