Tall Oil Fatty Acid

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Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) is a low cost unsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid) and is a source of low boiling point fatty acids widly used in synthetic lubricants industry. Which have light in color and low in rosin, is a consistent, cost-effective, source of liquid fatty acid. The utility of tall oil fatty acid can be found in the long carbon chain (C18) acid function of the carboxyl group (-COOH) or unsaturation of the double bonds.

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  • alkyds and other protective coating resins
  • chemical intermediates
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • defoamers
  • emulsifiers
  • epoxy resin esters
  • lubricants
  • metalworking fluid
  • plasticizers
  • printing ink
  • rubber paper
  • soaps & detergent
  • synthetic detergents



  • do not store in direct sunlight
  • keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
  • keep containers closed when not in use
  • store at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • use care in handling/storage


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Abietic Acid, % ≤2
Acid value, mgKOH/g ≥192
Colour, Gardner ≤5
Fatty Acids, % ≥94
Unsaponifiables, % ≤2