Tall Oil Pitch

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Tall Oil Pitch is made by distilling the tall oil which is the byproduct of sulphate pulp mill, contain lower boiling alcohol, ethers and palmitic acids. It is used as an emulsifier in SBR polymerization for fluidity increasing. It is used in ore flotation, corrosion inhibitors and crude dimers applications.


  • an adhesion promoter of rubber to metal cord
  • applied for obtaining corrosion inhibitors
  • applied for obtaining environmentally-friendly types of fuel
  • as a bloating admixture at processing of claydite
  • as a component of drilling muds
  • as an air-entraining admixture in aerated concrete processing
  • at general rubber goods producing as the component in rubber softening agents
  • cardboard sizing
  • road construction
  • tall oil pitchs used in ore flotation, corrosion inhibitors and crude dimers applications



  • additional special requirements to conditions of storage are not present
  • do not smoke in. it is necessary to exclude access of children and animals.the warehouse should provide protection of substance against direct influence of sunlights, humidity, pollution and mechanical damage
  • to keep far from sources of the open flame
  • to keep from direct sunlight
  • to keep in dry and good ventilated place separately from food. to keep far from sources of heat


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Acid Value, mgKOH/g 45-65
Diatomic Alcohol, % 9
Dissociate Fatty Acid, % 7
Dissociate Rosin Acid, % 23
Fatty Acid, % 29
Hydrocarbon, % 5
Monobasic Alcohol, % 11
Rosin Acid, % 7
Sterol, % 9
Solubility Insoluble in water