Beta Phellandrene

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α-Phellandrene and β-phellandrene are cyclic monoterpenes and are double-bond isomers. In α-phellandrene, both double bonds are endocyclic and in β-phellandrene, one of them is exocyclic. Both are insoluble in water, but miscible with ether. Beta-Phellandrene is widely distributed in essential oils (Angelica, Eucalyptus, Lavandula, Mentha, Pinus species).

The phellandrenes are used in fragrances because of their pleasing aromas. The odor of β-phellandrene has been described as peppery-minty and slightly citrusy. Consequently, beta-Phellandrene is widely used in flavor industry.


1. used in fragrances
2. used as insect-resist & insecticide,
3. materials of terpenic resin and synthetic menthol
4. used in pharmaceutical as expectorant, mild stimulation for bronchus


Insoluble in water; soluble in alcohol



  • do not re-use the empty container. Store at 6°C~8°C
  • it is good general practice to store in closed, preferably full, containers away from heat sources, and protected from extremes of temperature
GHS Hazard Statements
H-Code H226/304
P-Code P210/233/240/241/242/243/280
Response P303+P361+P353 P370+P378 P301+P310 P331
Storage P403+P235 P405
Disposal P501


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