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alpha-Phellandrene is an oily liquid with colorless to light yellow colors. Has black pepper odor character. Flash point is 49°C. The boiling point (by 2133 pa.) of right-handed body at 66~88°C, and the left-handed body at 58~59°C. Soluble in ethanol and ethyl ether, insoluble in water.

The right-handed body is existed in cinnamon oil,  ginger oil, elemi oil, cumin oil and other plants.  The left-handed body is existed in eucalyptus oil, star anise oil, gump couch oil, laurel oil, pepper oil and other plants.


  • Chiral catalysis
  • Functional Material
  • Ingredient of Expectorant
  • Ingredient of Natural insecticides
  • Synthetic Fragrances


A left-handed and a right-handed body two isomer. Right-handed body boiling point of 66 ~ 68 °C, the left-hand body boiling point 58 and 59 °C (2133 pa). Flash point, 49 °C. Soluble in ethanol and ethyl ether, insoluble in water. Right-handed body exists in cinnamon oil, ginger oil, elemi oil, cumin oil etc. Left-handed body exists in eucalyptus oil, star anise oil, gump couch oil, laurel oil, pepper oil, etc

Toxicological Information

GRAS(FEMA) LD505700mg/kg



  • do not re-use the empty container. Store at 6°C~8°C
  • this substance is easily oxidized, need to sealed storage
  • it is good general practice to store in closed, preferably full, containers away from heat sources, and protected from extremes of temperature


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