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Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate (Food)

CAS: 65997-13-9

Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate, also called Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin (GEHR) and Ester Of Hydrogenated Rosin, is esterified from refined hydrogenated rosin and edible glycerol.

Modified Rosin

SPECS: AE130140

Modified Rosin, a large generic term for resins, is a fumaric modified ester of tall oil rosin designed for use in “E” type gravure and flexographic inks. It is compatible with nitrocellulose, polyket…

Terpene Phenolic Resin Emulsion

CAS: 68648-57-7

Foreverest™  Terpene Phenolic Resin Emulsion TPR602E is an aqueous, solvent free resin based on terpene phenolic resin, mixture with waterborne dispersion of a terpene-phenol resin. It was applied for…

Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin

CAS: 65997-06-0
SPECS: 400

Foreverest™ Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin 400 is refined from hydrogenated rosin or high-hydrogenated rosin that are eliminated foreign matter. With the benefit of colorless, is applied as solid …

Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer

CAS: 106168-39-2

Foreverest® HTR105 is a kind of colorless or water white resin that has thermal stability and weather resistance.It is a newly developed hydrogenated terpene resin. Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer is an …

Styrenated Terpene Resin

CAS: 64536-06-7

Styrenated Terpene Resin is made by carrying out cationic polymerization of a terpene compound and sytene compound under Friedel-Crafts catalyst, in processing of the hydrolysis, washing, filtering an…

Dipentene (Natural)

CAS: 138-86-3
SPECS: 138-86-3N

Dipentene (also called D-Limonene), is a terpene liquid found in various volatile oils such as cardamon, mace, nutmeg , turpentine oil. Dipentene is mainly composed of Limonene, beta-Phellandrene, Myr…

Tung Oil

CAS: 8001-20-5

Tung oil, also known as China Wood Oil, Lumbang oil, Noix d’abrasin (fr.) or simply wood oil, is made from the seed kernels of the Tung tree (Aleurites fordii and Aleurites montana, family Eupho…

Pine Tar

CAS: 8011-48-1
SPECS: 250

Pine Tar is known since ancient history for its capacity as a water repellent vapour barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. It has an empyreumatic odor and sharp taste. The chi…