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delta-大马酮(CAS 57378-68-4)

CAS: 57378-68-4
SPECS: 96%


β-石竹烯(CAS 87-44-5)

CAS: 87-44-5
SPECS: 90%

β-石竹烯也称为β-丁香油烃。 它是一种天然双环倍半萜,呈无色至淡黄色油状液体。β-石竹烯是天然的,由丁香叶油蒸馏而成。 广泛用于日化用品的香精香料配方。

木焦油(CAS 8011-48-1)

CAS: 8011-48-1
SPECS: 300


西瓜酮(CAS 28940-11-6)

CAS: 28940-11-6
SPECS: 99%

Watermelon Ketone, also known as calone or methylbenodioxepinone is a hydrocarbon compound with similar structure of certain alicyclic C11-hydrocarbons such as ectocarpene.

马鞭草烯醇(CAS 473-67-6)

CAS: 473-67-6
SPECS: 95%

Verbenol is the product of allylic oxidation of alpha pinene. It is mainly used in food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

黎芦醛(CAS 120-14-9)

CAS: 120-14-9
SPECS: 99%

藜芦醛是一种结晶固体,具有木质、香草状气味。 藜芦醛可以通过香兰素甲基化或香兰素和硫酸二甲酯甲基化制备。薄荷、 […]

麝香草酚(CAS 89-83-8)

CAS: 89-83-8
SPECS: 99%

Thymol is a natural monoterpenoid phenol derivative of cymene with strong flavor of the culinary herb thyme.

四氢芳樟醇(CAS 78-69-3)

CAS: 78-69-3
SPECS: 99%

Tetrahydrolinalool is colorless clear liquid.It has more pleasant floral odor than linalool.

乙酸苏合香酯(CAS 93-92-5)

CAS: 93-92-5
SPECS: 98%

Styralyl acetate is is found in cloves.It is obtained by direct esterification of acetic acid and methylphenylmethanol in an azeotropic state.