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beta Caryophyllene

CAS: 87-44-5
SPECS: 85%

Beta-caryophyllene is a bicyclic sesquiterpene that is found in essential oils including basil, copaiba, black caraway, oregano, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, and clove.It is usually foun…

beta Caryophyllenol

CAS: 472-97-7
SPECS: 92%

β-caryophylenol is an important tricyclic sesquiterpenoid alcohol, which can be widely used in fragrance and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. At present, β-caryophylene is prepared from β-cary…

beta Eudesmol

CAS: 473-15-4
SPECS: 95%

beta-Eudesmol is a sesquiterpenoid alcohol isolated from Atractylodes lancea rhizome. It appears colorless to pale yellow oil liquid.beta-Eudesmol has a variety of pharmacological activities and widel…

Beta Phellandrene

CAS: 555-10-2
SPECS: 80%

α-Phellandrene and β-phellandrene are cyclic monoterpenes and are double-bond isomers. In α-phellandrene, both double bonds are endocyclic and in β-phellandrene, one of them is exocyclic. Both are ins…

Beta Pinene

CAS: 127-91-3
SPECS: 98%

Beta-Pinene and alpha-Pinene are found naturally in the Turpentine oil of pine trees. According to the different species of pinus, there is a difference in the contents of beta-Pinene. beta-Pinene app…

Beta Pinene Oxide

CAS: 6931-54-0
SPECS: 85%

β-Pinene oxide is prepared by oxidation of β-pinene in methylene chloride in the presence of sodium carbonate using peracetic acid as an oxidant at 0 °C.BETA Pinene Oxide is widely used in fragrance f…


CAS: 14901-07-6
SPECS: 95%

β-Ionone is a clear slightly yellow to yellow liquid with a characteristic violet-like odor, more fruity and woody than α-ionone. It’s soluble in ethanol, diethyl ester and dichloromethane, slightly s…


CAS: 507-70-0
SPECS: 55%

Borneol synthetic is produced from alpha pinene.It is a mixture mainly composed of borneol and isoborneol.Synthetic Borneol is very cost effective comparing to natural one.

Cajeput Oil

CAS: 8008-98-8
SPECS: 65%

Cajeput oil is produced by steam distillation of fresh leaves and twigs of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca leucadendra). Cajeput oil contains higher concentrations of 1,8 cineole(Eucalyptol), limonene and…

Camellia Oleifera Oil Cosmetic Grade

CAS: 225233-97-6

Camellia Oleifera Oil appears yellow oily liquid.  The physical properties of Camellia Oil and its component of fatty acids are much similar to those of Olive Oil but it contains more unsaturated fatt…

Camellia Oleifera Oil Refined

CAS: 225233-97-6
SPECS: Refined

Camellia Oleifera Oil (also called as White tea oil) is transformed from natural tea oil through long-term storage in a specific environment. The natural oil turns its color from golden yellow to ligh…


CAS: 79-92-5
SPECS: 97%, 96%

Camphene, colorless and crystalline solid, is found in minute quantities in Turpentine. The odor similar as Camphor, nearly insoluble in water, but well soluble in common organic solvents. It is a min…

Carnosic acid

CAS: 3650-09-7
SPECS: 10~90%

Carnosic acid is natural benzenediol abietane diterpene. It is extracted from rosemary and common sage. Carnosic acid appears dark brown-yellow to light white powder. It is widely used in the food, co…


CAS: 499-75-2
SPECS: 98, 99.5%

Carvacrol is also called isothymol, a natural monoterpene derivative of cymene. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a spicy odor as Thymol. Carvacrol is naturally found in many essential oils…

Caryophyllene oxide

CAS: 1139-30-6
SPECS: 96%

Caryophyllene oxide is one of the terpenes found in cannabis, as well as one of the major terpenes found in cloves, basil, hops, pepper, and rosemary.Caryophyllene oxide is an oxygenated terpenoid, us…

Castor Oil

CAS: 8001-79-4

Castor oil is a composite triglycerides molecules , which extracted from seeds of ricinus communis.  It appears light yellow or colorless color, has tasteless character, contents ricinoleic acid (80~8…

Cedar Oil

CAS: 8000-27-9

Cedar oil, also known as cedarwood oil, is an essential oil derived from the foliage, and sometimes the wood and roots, of various types of conifers, most in the pine or cypress botanical families.Ced…


CAS: 67874-81-1
SPECS: 97%

Cedramber is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with a woody and amber-like odor. It is prepared by methylation of cedrol. First, take cedrol as raw material, and then convert it into sodium…


CAS: 11028-42-5
SPECS: 60%

The Cedrene is a natural compound which is extracted from Cunninghamia. Contents of alpha-Cedrene at 60% min.Has cedar woody and appeared light yellow transparent liquid.This grade can be used in cosm…


CAS: 77-53-2
SPECS: 97%

Cedrol is extracted from Cedar Oil, specially in the genera Cupressus (cypress) and Juniperus (juniper). In China, the contect of oil recovery nearly 5%. Manufacturers can adopt the means of Vacuum Di…

Cedryl Acetate

CAS: 77-54-3
SPECS: 97%

Cedryl acetate appears colorless to pale yellow liquid with the odor of cedarwood and vetivertone. The crystal and liquid product of cedryl acetate can be prepared by the acetylation of cedrol.Cedryl …

Chewing Gum Base

CAS: 70892-12-5

Gum base is made of food-grade polymers, plasticizers, softeners, texturizers and emulsifiers among other ingredients, which impart their unique properties to chewing gum.


CAS: 104-55-2
SPECS: 98%

Cinnamic aldehyde has Cis-isomer and trans-isomer. Cinnamic Aldehyde is industrially prepared by condensation of benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde in dilute alkali solution. It is widely used in flavor an…