Chewing Gum Base

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Gum base is made of food-grade polymers, plasticizers, softeners, texturizers and emulsifiers among other ingredients, which impart their unique properties to chewing gum. It is an insoluble and non-nutritive, non-digestible, water-insoluble substance that enables a chewing gum to be chewed for hours without experiencing substantial changes.

Gum Base can be combined with acid or non-acid flavoring, sugar or sugar substitutes as well as vitamins or active ingredient in chewing gum, bubble gum and pharmaceutical products.


  • material of chewing gum



  • avoid breathing vapor, mist, dust, or fumes
  • avoid skin contact
  • do not take internally
  • keep container closed
  • this material in its finely divided form presents an explosion hazard. follow
  • nfpa 654 (for chemical dusts) or 484 (for metal dusts) as appropriate for managing dust hazards to minimize secondary explosion potential
  • use reasonable care and store away from oxidizing materials
  • use with adequate ventilation. this material may form highly toxic vapors of trifluoropropionaldehyde if heated in air above 300° f (149° c)
  • provide ventilation to control vapor exposure (inhalation guidelines have not been established)


The above information is believed to be accurate and presents the best explanation currently available to us. We assume no liability resulting from above content. The technical standards are formulated and revised by customers’ requirement and us, if there are any changes, the latest specification will be executed and confirmed in the contract.


Colour Light cream typical
Odor Typical
Moisture, % <0.5
Melting Point, °C 65±3
Density, GR/CC 1.44±0.03
Antioxidant, BHT, % ≤0.1
Heavy Metal, % ≤0.004
Arsenic, ppm <0.05
Pb Lead, ppm <0.2
Zinc, mg/kg <2
Copper, mg/kg <2