Castor Oil

Castor oil is a composite triglycerides molecules , which extracted from seeds of ricinus communis.  It appears light yellow or colorless color, has tasteless character, contents ricinoleic acid (80~85%), oleic acid (7%) and linoleic acid (3%).

Substance Identification

Synonyms Ricinus Oil
CAS 8001-79-4
EINECS 232-293-8
FEMA 2263
Molecular Formula N/A
Moleclar Weight 933.4396

Application & Uses

  • Emulsifier
  • Dyeing auxiliaries
  • Lubricants
  • Natural cathartic
  • Plasticized
  • Protective coatings for vitamin and mineral tablets (Approved by FDA 172.876)
  • Raw materials of coatings, paints, inks and soaps
  • Release agent and antisticking agent for hard candy production (Approved by FDA 172.876)

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent antioxidant
  • Freely soluble in ethanol
  • High viscosity (keep working on -22 °C and keep clear on -50°C)
  • Permittivity is 4.30 (the highest on fats)
  • Strong light resistance
  • The relative density and acetyl value is higher than fats

Sales Specification

Odor Woody, castor
Color (L) Y16 R1.6 max
Color (T) 3# max
Acid Value, mgKOH/g 1.6 max
Free Fatty Acid, % 0.8 max
Moisture & Volatile, % 0.165 max
Iodine Value, gl/100g 80 to 88
Saponification Value, mgKOH/g 176 to 184
Unsaponification Matter, % 0.7
Viscosity, U-V, @25°C 6.27 to 8.84
Peroxide Value, mg/kg 5.0
Refractive Index, @ n20/D 1.478 to 1.479
Relative Density, @ d25/25 0.955 to 0.965
Solubility, in Alcohol, @20°C Transparent
Insoluble Impurities, % 0.02 max


  • Iron Drum, 190kg net each

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GHS Hazard Statements

H-Code no data available
P-Code no data available
Response no data available
Storage no data available
Disposal no data available
S-phrases: S24/25


  • containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage
  • keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place
  • store in cool place


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