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Linalyl Acetate

CAS: 115-95-7
SPECS: 97%

Linalyl acetate is naturally found in many essential oils, such as lavender oil, miscellaneous Lavender oil, Perilla oil, lemon oil and lime oil.It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with fresh flor…


CAS: 7212-44-4
SPECS: 90%

Nerolidol is also known as peruviol and penetrol. It is a naturally occurring sesquiterpene found in the many kinds of essential oils, including neroli, oil of petitgrain, cananga oi, and jasmine oil.…


CAS: 120-57-0
SPECS: 99%

Heliotropin is also known as piperonal. It is naturally found in various plants,including dill, vanilla, violet flowers, and black pepper,etc. It appears white crystalline powder with cherry-like odor…


CAS: 619-01-2
SPECS: 98%

Dihydrocarveol is naturally found in caraway oil and mint oil. It is monoterpenoid compound that appears colorless liquid with anise and green odor.Dihydrocarveol is prepared by the selective catalyti…

Campholenic Aldehyde

CAS: 4501-58-0

Campholenic Aldehyde is appears colorless liquid with fresh and woody odor.It is prepared by the isomerization reaction of 2,3-epoxy pinane.Campholenic Aldehyde is an important intermediate in the syn…

Alpha Pinene Oxide

CAS: 74525-43-2
SPECS: 95%

alpha-Pinene-Oxide is a monoterpene. It is the epoxide of alpha-pinene that appears colorless liquid with fresh odor. alpha-Pinene-Oxide is widely used in fragrance formulation.

Benzyl Acetate

CAS: 140-11-4
SPECS: 99%

Benzyl acetate is found naturally in many flowers.It is the primary constituent of the essential oils from the flowers jasmine, ylang-ylang and tobira. It has pleasant sweet aroma reminiscent of jasmi…


CAS: 91-64-5
SPECS: 99%

Coumarin is an aromatic organic chemical compound. It is naturally in many plants, notably in the tonka bean. It appears white crystal or crystaline powder with sweet odor.Coumarin is used in the fiel…


CAS: 498-81-7
SPECS: 95%

Dihydroterpineol appears coloeless sticky oily transparent liquid with pine oily floral.It is obtained by hydrogenation of Terpineol.Dihydroterpineol is mainly used in the preparation of fragrances.