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Citronella Oil

CAS: 8000-29-1
SPECS: 85%

Citronella oil, member of a class of naturally occurring organic substances called terpenes, which is obtained from the leaves of the oil grasses Cymbopogon nardus and C.winterianus. As the wide range…

Citronella Terpene

CAS: 68916-56-3

Citronella Terpene is extracted from citronella oil. It appears colorless to pale yellow liquid with green odor. The content of alpha-pinene reaches 85-94%. It is widely used in household and industri…


CAS: 106-22-9
SPECS: 95%

Citronellol, or dihydrogeraniol, is a natural acyclic monoterpenoid. Both enantiomers occur in nature. It is found in citronella oils, including Cymbopogon nardus (50%), is the more common isomer. (−)…

Citronellyl Acetate

CAS: 67601-05-2
SPECS: 98%

Citronellyl acetate is a monoterpenoid. It is the acetate ester of citronellol and naturally found in citriodora oil and Citronella oil.Citronellyl acetate is industirally prepared by the esterificati…

Citronellyl Formate

CAS: 105-85-1
SPECS: 92%

Citronellyl Formate is a light yellow transparent liquid with sweet rose, myrcia aroma and slightly with lemon, cucumber and other fresh green fragrance. It is found in geranium oil and is obtained by…

Citronellyl Nitrile

CAS: 51566-62-2
SPECS: 99%

Citronellyl Nitrile is a clear colorless liquid with lemon and citrus odor. It is prepared by using citronellal as raw material to produce aldehyde oxime by oximation reaction, and then through heatin…


CAS: 107-75-5
SPECS: 99%

Hydroxycitronellal has the smell of lilac, lily, and lily of the valley. It is a perfume ingredient with a medium-strength floral scent, reminiscent of lily and sweet tropical melon.Hydroxycitronellal…


CAS: 85006-04-8
SPECS: 85%

Isocitronellene is the by-product of Dihydromyrcenol in the reaction processing of isomerization.


CAS: 7540-51-4
SPECS: 99%

l-Citronellol is a citronellol that is oct-6-ene substituted by a hydroxy group at position 1 and methyl groups at positions 3 and 7 (the 3S-enantiomer).It is an enantiomer of a (R)-(+)-citronellol.