Citronellyl Nitrile (CAS 51566-62-2)

Products & Informations

Citronellyl Nitrile is a clear colorless liquid with lemon and citrus odor. It is prepared by using citronellal as raw material to produce aldehyde oxime by oximation reaction, and then through heating dehydration in the presence of acetic anhydride. Citronellyl Nitrile is used extensively as a fragrance ingredient. Citronellyl Nitrile is the substitute of citronellal.


  1. used for the deployment of cosmetic fragrance
  2. used in the fragrance formulation of daily products, such as perm, detergent,and soap,etc
  3. used in the preparation of lavender, gardenia, citrus, magnolia, longevity flower, honeysuckle, cologne, bodhisattva, hyacinth and other fragrant types of perfume
  4. used as fixative in food flavor

Toxicological Information

LD50 oral, rat 5300mg/kg
LD50 skin, rabbit 5gm/kg min



  • flammable materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room
  • ground all equipment containing material
  • keep away from heat
  • keep away from sources of ignition
  • keep container tightly closed
  • keep in a cool, well-ventilated place
GHS Hazard Statements
H-Code no data available
P-Code no data available
Response no data available
Storage no data available
Disposal no data available


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