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Modified Rosin

CAS: 144413-22-9
SPECS: HAR125220

Modified Rosin HAR125220 is colorless and transparent rosin derivative that could only be born with unique technology. It is high acid value and high softening point.

Dehydroabietic Acid

CAS: 1740-19-8
SPECS: 95%

Dehydroabietic acid, a colorless needle crystal, is an abietane diterpenic resin acid that is obtained from Pinus resin.

Modified Rosin Resin

SPECS: PE17020

Modified Rosin Resin is designed for vacuum plating industry with high softening point and high hardness, high gloss.Good compatibility with TD1 modified alkyd resin. Good solubility in 120# solvent. …

Rosin Amine (Abietylamine)

CAS: 61790-47-4

Rosin amine is an ammonia derivative of rosin. It is a viscous yellow transparent liquid with ammonia and pine flavor. Rosin amine is soluble in conventional solvents, while insoluble in cold water, p…

Methyl Salicylate

CAS: 119-36-8
SPECS: 99%

Methyl salicylate is extracted from essential oil of Wintergereen oil, Ylang ylang oil and Acacia oil. Has wintergreen character floral and fruity. It applied as fragrance ingredient on toothpaste, al…


CAS: 2687-94-7

N-(n-Octyl)-2-pyrrolidone (NOP) is a faint odor, mild, and amine-like yellowish liquid. It can be used as wetting agent in printing process, co-solvent for pesticide formulation, pharmaceutical excipients for veterinary injection, dye carrier for aramid fibers, softener and metal cleaning.

Perilla Aldehyde

CAS: 2111-75-3
SPECS: 95%

Foreverest™ Perilla Aldehyde (Perillaldehyde) is a synthesis of beta-Pinene, appears colorless to pale yellow liquid. It has character with odors of purple perilla, cinnamic aldehyde and cumin aldehyd…

Shellac Flakes

CAS: 9000-59-3
SPECS: Machine made

The shellac flake is a natural mixture composed of hydroxycarboxylic acid, sesquiterpene acid and low molecular fatty acid. It is prepared from natural shellac or seedlac by hot melting or dissolving impurities in solvents. Shellac flake contains shellac resin, shellac pigment, shellac wax, sugar and protein.

Lac Dye

CAS: 60687-93-6

Lac Dye, also known as Alta, it is mainly applied by dying of textiles, such as dyeing wool and silk fabric, silk, cotton, wool.