Lac Dye (CAS 60687-93-6)

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Lac Dye, also known as Alta, is a bright red dye. It is very lightfast and resistant to temperature which melts at 180° C and decomposes at approx. 230° C. Lac Dye is mainly applied by dying of textiles, such as dyeing wool and silk fabric, silk, cotton, wool. And it may also be used for oil painting, shellac varnishes, water colour painting and cosmetics.


1. Used as natural food additives for colorant
2. Used as a red colorant in cosmetic field and pharmaceuticals
3. Used as a senior dye in the textile manufacturing industry
4. Used for oil and watercolor painting


Low ash, impurity, heavy metal, solvent residue and no pesticide residue.
Water and ethanol as solvents ensure the safety of the product.



  • avoid contact with light
  • keep separated from incompatible substances
  • store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards
  • store in a cool, dry place
  • store in a tightly closed container


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Colour Natural Red 25 (75450)
Decomposing Point, °C 230
Melting Point, °C 180
Softening Point, °C 144
Solubility soluble in water