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Synthetic Camphor

Camphor, a white crystalline powder with a characteristic penetrating pungent and aromatic odor, is soluble in alcohol and found in camphor oil of camphor tree. Synthetic Camphor is extracted from Alpha-Pinene of Turpentine, then make a conversion Alpha-Pinene into Camphene, esterified to Bornyl acetate. Continue making saponification to Isoborneol, final oxidizing to Synthetic Camphor.

Synthetic Camphor is used in the manufacture of cellulose nitrate, polyvinyl chloride and plastics. It can also serve as medicine, antiseptic, insecticide, etc. It can be used as an ingredient in smokeless powder, as a stabilizer and a moderator to improve ballistic properties.

Synthetic Camphor

Natural camphor is found in many essential oils, especially camphor oil. It is a white crystalline powder with a unique camphor scent and a hint of mint odor.

Synthetic Camphor is prepared by using alpha-Pinene as raw material, then esterify converted camphene into L-bornyl acetate, next to saponification the L-bornyl acetate into DL-Isoborneol, and finally oxidate the DL-Isoborneol.

Synthetic Camphor is used extensively in many fields, especially in the manufacturing, medicine and cosmetics industries.

Synthetic Camphor

This product is applicable to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Standard.