l-Bornyl Acetate (CAS 5655-61-8)

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(-)-Bornyl acetate is isolated from fir oil, Blumea balsamifera, Jasonia sp. , Salvia fruticosa, carrot, rosemary, sage and lavender oil.

The industrial synthesis method is to heat borneol and acetic acid in the presence of sodium acetate.


  1. Aromatic cleaner: used in soap, cosmetic and disinfect
  2. food flavour
  3. odour agent



  • flammable materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room
  • ground all equipment containing material
  • keep away from heat
  • keep away from sources of ignition
  • keep container tightly closed
  • keep in a cool, well-ventilated place
GHS Hazard Statements
H-Code H227/401
P-Code P210/273/280
Response P370+P378
Storage P403+P235
Disposal P501

UN Number: UN 1993 3/PG 3 |  S-phrases: S24/25
| R-phrases: R20/21/22


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