p-Anisic Acid (CAS 100-09-4)

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p-Anisic acid, also called 4-methoxybenzoic acid or draconic acid, is one of the isomers of anisic acid. It appears white to slight yellowish powder.

p-Anisic acid is found naturally in anise. It is also prepared by chemical synthesis from natural anethole.

p-Anisic acid has antiseptic properties. It is widely used as an intermediate in the preparation of more complex organic compounds.


  1. used as a pharmaceutical intermediate to produce 3-Amino-4-methoxybenzoic acid and 4-methoxybenzoyl chloride etc.
  2. used as fine chemical raw material to produce aromatics, cosmetics, etc.
  3. used in many organic syntheses
  4. used as intermediate in the dye industry


  • Dissolve in alcohol, ether, chloroform and ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in hot water, water solubility of 20 DEG C for 0.3 g/L



  • flammable materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room
  • ground all equipment containing material
  • keep away from heat
  • keep away from sources of ignition
  • keep container tightly closed
  • keep in a cool, well-ventilated place
GHS Hazard Statements
H-Code no data available
P-Code no data available
Response no data available
Storage no data available
Disposal no data available

S-phrases: S26-S36-S24/25 | R-phrases: R36/37/38


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Appearance White to slight yellowish powder
Odor Sweet flower odor
Content, @HPLC, % 99 min
Content of Water, % 1 max
Arsenic (As), mg/kg 3 max
Heavy metals (Pb), mg/kg 10 max