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Flotation Collectors

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Gum Turpentine

CAS: 8006-64-2

Turpentine can be divided into gum turpentine, wood turpentine and sulphate turpentine in the light of sources of raw materials. Gum turpentine is extracted from pine resin by distillation.Turpentine …

Dehydroabietylamine (Leelamine)

CAS: 1446-61-3

Dehydroabietylamine (Leelamine) is a diterpene compound, derivatives from gum rosin. After a series of distillation process, the residual liquid of turpentine oil is steamed out. Then filter the resid…

Rosin Amine (Abietylamine)

CAS: 61790-47-4

Rosin amine is an ammonia derivative of rosin. It is a viscous yellow transparent liquid with ammonia and pine flavor. Rosin amine is soluble in conventional solvents, while insoluble in cold water, p…

Castor Oil

CAS: 8001-79-4

Castor oil is a composite triglycerides molecules , which extracted from seeds of ricinus communis.  It appears light yellow or colorless color, has tasteless character, contents ricinoleic acid (80~8…


CAS: 8000-41-7
SPECS: 85%

Terpineol is naturally found in pine oil, lavender oil, orange leaf oil, neroli oil and other plant oils. α-terpineol, β-terpineol, γ-terpineol, and terpinen-4-ol are four isomers of terpineol. α-terp…


CAS: 8006-64-2
SPECS: 85%

Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, and wood turpentine) is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines. It is composed of terpene…

Terpenic Oil

SPECS: 49%

Terpenic oil made from turpentine, used in the flotation of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum sulfide and other non ferrous metals sulfide, its dosage will be less than other collector, which has stron…

Pine Oil

CAS: 8002-09-3
SPECS: 85%

Pine Oil is a derivative of turpentine obtained by steam distillation of the species Pinus. Pine Oil has a strong piny odor and is miscible with alcohol. Pine Oil contains alpha-terpineol plus other c…

Pine Oil

CAS: 8002-09-3
SPECS: 65%

Pine Oil is the by-product of producing terpineol from gum turpentine obtained by steam distillation of the species Pinus. It contains alpha-Terpineol plus other cyclic terpene alcohols and terpene hy…