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Campholenic Aldehyde

CAS: 4501-58-0

Campholenic Aldehyde is appears colorless liquid with fresh and woody odor.It is prepared by the isomerization reaction of 2,3-epoxy pinane.Campholenic Aldehyde is an important intermediate in the syn…

Alpha Pinene Oxide

CAS: 74525-43-2
SPECS: 95%

alpha-Pinene-Oxide is a monoterpene. It is the epoxide of alpha-pinene that appears colorless liquid with fresh odor. alpha-Pinene-Oxide is widely used in fragrance formulation.


CAS: 498-81-7
SPECS: 95%

Dihydroterpineol appears coloeless sticky oily transparent liquid with pine oily floral.It is obtained by hydrogenation of Terpineol.Dihydroterpineol is mainly used in the preparation of fragrances.

Dihydroterpinyl Acetate

CAS: 58985-18-5
SPECS: 97%

Dihydroterpinyl acetate appears colorless to yellowish liquid. It is synthesized with Acetic anhydride and Dihydroterpinol.Dihydroterpinyl acetate is mainly used in the preparation of fragrance.


CAS: 99-85-4
SPECS: 99-85-4-97E

Terpinenes are classified as three isomeric hydrocarbons: alpha-Terpinene, beta-Terpinene and Gamma-terpinene.Gamma-terpinene appears colorless liquid with turpentine-like odor.Gamma-terpinene is extr…

Iso Cyclemone E

CAS: 54464-57-2
SPECS: 90%

Iso Cyclemone E (Isocyclemone E) is mixture of three isomers, which is a synthetic woody odorant. It is colorless to pale yellow liquid with woody odor.Iso Cyclemone E is prepared by the diene additio…


CAS: 6876-13-7
SPECS: 98%

Pinane is a monoterpene and a carbobicyclic compound. It appears colorless oily liquid with mild odor. Pinane is prepared by the hydrogenation of pinene.It is mainly used to synthesize linalool, geran…


CAS: 5947-36-4
SPECS: 96%

Pinocarveol is a pinane monoterpenoid. It is found in hyssop.Pinocarveol is widely used in flavor and fragrance formulation.


CAS: 586-62-9
SPECS: 30%

Terpinolene is one of the constituents of turpentine and an isomer of terpinene. It appears colourless to pale yellow liquid with pine-like odor.Terpinolene is the byproduct in the production of terpi…