Dihydroterpinyl Acetate (CAS 58985-18-5)

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Dihydroterpinyl acetate appears colorless to yellowish liquid. It is synthesized with Acetic anhydride and Dihydroterpinol.

Dihydroterpinyl acetate is mainly used in the preparation of fragrance.


  •  Used for the preparation of fragrances.
  •  Used for thick film paste and MLCC.



  • Avoid contact with light
  • Keep separated from incompatible substances
  • Store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Store in a tightly closed container


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Appearance Colorless to yellowish liquid
Odor Aromas similar to lavender and bergamot
Relative Density, @20/20°C 0.9300 to 0.9390
Refractive Index, @20°C 1.4490 to 1.4550
Ester Content, @GC, % 97 min
Acid Value 1.0 max