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Quoted Price Analysis of All Group Rosin and Resins

Quoted Price Analysis of All Group Rosin and Resins
I. The price quoted as lastest 30 days.
II. CNY to USD is 6.376:1.
III. According as the principle of business strife, quoted price are higher than the market you can request from other suppliers. Price in this report only to reference between with different resin group. Contact to our sales division to get the lastest price.

Follow the news “2015 Season of Crude Pine Esters” we can know the crude pine esters were farmed delayed than last year. And due to the weakness of economic in China, the price of gum rosin appears a downward tendency, quoted at $2,007 on the ends of July, and now down at $1,644 to $2,044 per ton on September.

Figure 1. CLV15 - Crude Oil WTI Price © NYMEX

Figure 1. CLV15 – Crude Oil WTI Price © NYMEX

Compared with tendency of pine esters, the crude oil appears upward trend, WTI Price was risen from $38 to $49. (See Figure.1) If the price keep a rising trend, the quoted price of C5 Hydrocarbon resins have at low price, average quoted at $1,364 to $1,929 per ton.

Table.1 shows the all group resin, includes gum rosin based, hydrocarbon resins and tall oil rosins. We can see that gum rosins are losing the competitive price. If suppliers only competition by price, we will make it less competitive with wood rosin from Spanish, Brazil, TOR from U.S.A. and Northern Europe.

A professional supplier have to provide full resin solution accord as the formulas of adhesives, coatings and road marking. Keep R&D in new product such as liquid resins for agriculture, beverages or personal cares. Contact with Foreverest, we can offer full solution in pine based chemicals for you.

Table 1. Quoted Price of All Group Rosins & Resins, © Foreverest.
Products Price Products Price Products Price
Crude pine esters 1,512 to 1,912 C5 560 to 600
Gum Rosin 1,644 to 2,044 TOR, China 1,482 to 1,882
TOR, U.S 1,600 to 3,300
Maleic Modified Rosin Ester 2,023 to 2,505 C5 Hydrocarbon Resin 1,364 to 1,929
Triethylene Glycol Rosinate 2,811 to 3,211
Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate (Industrial) 3,375 to 3,775 Hydrogenated C5 Hydrocarbon Resin, China 2,560 to 3,305
Water-White Hydrogenated Rosin 3,508 to 3,908 Hydrogenated C5 Hydrocarbon Resin, U.S 3,642 to 4,826
Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin 3,853 to 4,253
Above price only to reference!
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