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PINEYE® Emulsion

PINEYE® Emulsion is a non-toxic film-forming adjuvant surfactant, used for coating plants to prevent loss of water and adhere pesticides to the plants. Spray PINEYE® Emulsion can forming a prophylactic shield on plants, against UV degradation, frost, windburn and acid rain, to aid plant growth.

It is a biobased spreader stickers similar as PINOLENE®* and NU-FILM® 17*.

*PINOLENE® and NU-FILM® are the registed tradmark by Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC.
*The above reference to other trademarks is only intended as an industry reference for the capabilities of our product. It does not imply that our product’s effectiveness or ingredients are equivalent to those of the referenced products. If you are also interested in the referenced products, please click on the relevant links to visit the official websites of third parties for further information.

The R&D application of PINEYE, which same active ingredient di-1-p-menthene: Antitranspirants can they enhance winegrape production-posted byThe_AWRI

PINEYE® Label Education – Plant Ajuvant – A spreader Sticker Guideline

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