Wood Based Activated Carbon (Sugar Uses)

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WFA is wood based activated carbon used for sugar decolorization process. It also can be used for refining process of saccharin, glucose, xylitol.


  • Sugar Refining Process



  • Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Guard against dust accumulation of this material
  • Keep containers closed when not in use. Store at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children


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Adsorption of Methylene Blue, ml/0.1g 13 to 17 min
Adsorption of Caramel, % 100 to 120 min
LOD Value, % 10 max
PH Value 3 to 5
Content of Ash, % 5 max
Content of Iron,% 0.05 max
Content of Chlorine, % 0.08 max
Particle Size, 200 mesh, % 90 min