Wood Based Activated Carbon (Amino Acid Uses)

WAA is a type of wood based activated carbon that produced by phosphoric acid activation process. It is specialty used for amino acid adsorption in water treatment, food industry and treatment process.

Substance Identification

Synonyms Activated Charcoal
CAS 7440-44-0
EINECS 231-153-3
HS.CODE 380210
Molecular Formula C
Moleclar Weight 12.01

Application & Uses

  • Amino acid adsorption in water treatment
  • Amino acid adsorption in food industry
  • Adsorption for treatment process

Sales Specification

Adsorption of Methylene Blue, ml/0.1g 14 to 16 min
Adsorption of Glutamic Acid, % 85 to 95 min
LOD Value, % 10 max
PH Value 4 to 7
Content of Ash, % 5 max
Content of Iron, % 0.05 max
Content of Chlorine, % 0.08 max
Content of Ca & Mg, by MgO, % 0.25 max


  • Plastic bag with inner film, 20kg net each

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GHS Hazard Statements

There is currently no available data for this product, click to view GHS Classification and Labelling by UNECE.


  • Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Guard against dust accumulation of this material
  • Keep containers closed when not in use. Store at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children


The above information is believed to be accurate and presents the best explanation currently available to us. We assume no liability resulting from above content. The technical standards are formulated and revised by customers’ requirement and us, if there are any changes, the latest specification will be executed and confirmed in the contract.

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