Modification (Resin uses)

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Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin

CAS: 83137-13-7
SPECS: AR120240

Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin (AAMR) is a derivative from additive reaction of gum rosin with acrylic acid. Generally, acrylic acid modified rosin has better adhesion, increased solubility, and enhanced…

Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin

CAS: 65997-06-0
SPECS: H30100H

Foreverest™ Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin H30100H is refined from high-hydrogenated rosin that are eliminated foreign matter. With the benefit of colorless, is applied as solid or liquid solder f…

Disproportionated Rosin

CAS: 8050-09-7

Disproportionated rosin (DPR) is compound of dehydroabie acid and dihydroabtice acid, the DPR is processed through catalytic reaction of gum rosin on proper temperature. In the synthetic rubber indust…

Glycerel Ester of Maleic Rosin

SPECS: AE12030, 135M

Glycerol Ester of Maleic Rosin is made from maleic rosin through esterification with glycerol. It is a substitute of Lewisol™ Synthetic Resin by in which has the similar properties of excellent solubi…

Hydrogenated Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin

CAS: 144413-22-9
SPECS: HAR125220

Modified Rosin HAR125220 is colorless and transparent rosin derivative that could only be born with unique technology. It is high acid value and high softening point.HAR125220 can replace the Colorles…

Hydrogenated Rosin

CAS: 65997-06-0
SPECS: H106, H108, HWG Grade

Hydrogenated Rosin is one of the dominant varieties of modified rosin with light color, high oxidation resistance and high thermal stability. Conjugated unsaturation of abietic resin acids can be remo…

Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer

CAS: 106168-39-2

Foreverest® HTR105 is a kind of colorless or water white resin that has thermal stability and weather resistance.It is a newly developed hydrogenated terpene resin. Hydrogenated Terpene Polymer is an …