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CAS: 9002-18-0

Agar, also called agar-agar, gelatin-like product made primarily from the red algae Gelidium and Gracilaria.

2-Methylvaleric acid

CAS: 97-61-0
SPECS: 98%

2-Methylpentanoic acid is colorless to slightly yellow liquid with strong pungent, unhappy acid odor. It is prepared by aldol condensation of propanal catalyzed by dilute alkali, then dehydroxylation,…

Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin (ESTER GUM)

CAS: 8050-31-5

Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin (GEGR), also called as Glyceryl Rosinate, or  Ester Gum, is an oil-soluble food additive. which esterified with Rosin and edible Glycerol.Its high density helps keep oils i…

Cinnamic Aldehyde Natural

CAS: 104-55-2
SPECS: 99%

Cinnamic Aldehyde is naturally found in cinnamon oil, cassia oil, and patchouli oil. It appears pale yellow viscous liquid with cinnamon and a spicy odor. Cinnamic aldehyde has Cis-isomer and trans-is…


CAS: 104-55-2
SPECS: 98%

Cinnamic aldehyde has Cis-isomer and trans-isomer. Cinnamic Aldehyde is industrially prepared by condensation of benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde in dilute alkali solution. It is widely used in flavor an…

Abietic Acid (CAS 514-10-3)

CAS: 514-10-3
SPECS: 99%

Abietic acid is a white resinous powder. It takes rosin as raw material, after a series of distillation, the residual liquid of turpentine oil is steamed out, then filter it at 210℃ or so and cool and…

Synthetic Camphor

CAS: 76-22-2

This product is applicable to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Standard.

Synthetic Camphor

CAS: 76-22-2

Natural camphor is found in many essential oils, especially camphor oil.Natural camphor is a white crystalline powder with a unique camphor scent and a hint of mint odor.Natural camphor is extracted f…

Styrene Butadiene Rubber Copolymer (Food)

CAS: 9003-55-8

Foreverest™ SSBR1028 is a food grade SSBR. It is an equivalent of PLIOGUM® 1028. Which used in bubble/chewing gum base and food contact.