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Pine Tar

Pine Tar is known since ancient history for its capacity as a water repellent vapour barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. It has an empyreumatic odor and sharp taste. The chief constituents are volatile terpene oils, neutral oils of high boiling point and high solvency, resin and fatty acids. The proportion of these vary in the different grades of tar, also according to tree species and the part of the tree used, type of carbonization oven ect.

Foreverest pine tar, obtained as a byproduct through destructive distillation of pine wood in the manufacture of charcoal

Wood Tar Oil

Pine tar, also call as wood tar or wood tar oil, is a brownish to dark brown viscous liquid.

Foreverest supply wood tar oil (pine tar) for over 20years, the tar oil is prepared by the high temperature carbonization of pine wood under anoxic conditions.

Wood tar oil can be used for impregnating marine cables, rubber plasticizers, caulking rubber and medicine after dehydration or distillation.