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CAS: 2216-51-5

Menthol is colorless, transparent hexagonal or needlelike crystals. It is crystallized from Chinese Mentha Arvensis.It is industrially prepared by the catalytic and hydrogenation of thymol.Menthol is …


CAS: 473-67-6
SPECS: 95%

Verbenol can be found in verbena oil. It is the product of allylic oxidation of alpha pinene.It appears white to pale yellow crystalline solid.Verbenol is mainly used in food, chemical, cosmetic and p…


CAS: 122-40-7
SPECS: 90%

Amyl cinnamaldehyde is one of common ingredient in perfumery. It is synthesized from benzaldehyde and n- heptanal by aldol condensation with catalyst potassium hydroxide in solvent ethylene glycol. It…

beta Eudesmol

CAS: 473-15-4
SPECS: 95%

beta-Eudesmol is a sesquiterpenoid alcohol isolated from Atractylodes lancea rhizome. It appears colorless to pale yellow oil liquid.beta-Eudesmol has a variety of pharmacological activities and widel…

Geranyl Acetone

CAS: 3796-70-1
SPECS: 99%

Geranyl Acetone (Geranylacetone) is naturally found in African lemon oil, mint, tea, tomatoes,and passionflower. It appears clear colorless liquid with floral and fruit odor.Geranyl Acetone is industr…


CAS: 507-70-0
SPECS: 55%

Borneol synthetic is produced from alpha pinene.It is a mixture mainly composed of borneol and isoborneol.Synthetic Borneol is very cost effective comparing to natural one.


CAS: 489-84-9
SPECS: 99.5%

Guaiazulene, also azulon or 1,4-dimethyl-7-isopropylazulene, is a dark blue crystalline hydrocarbon.


CAS: 101-39-3
SPECS: 95%

alpha-Methylcinnamaldehyde (Methyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Alpha) is a yellow liquid with a spicy, cinnamon odor.alpha-Methylcinnamaldehyde is used in many industries such as Flavor & Fragrance, Aromati…

Methyl Cinnamate

CAS: 103-26-4
SPECS: 98%

Methyl Cinnamate also call as Methyl 3-phenylacrylate, it is the methyl ester of cinnamic acid. It is white to light yellow crystals with fruity odor.It is found naturally in the essential oils of Alp…