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Dihydromyrcenol appears colorless liquid with a lavender odor, and it smells similar to lemon. There are two preparation methods. One is to chlorinate Dihydromyrcene and then be hydrolyzed in alkaline water. The other process is esterifying Dihydromyrcene by acetic acid or formic acid, and then produce Dihydromyrcenol through saponification and hydrolysis under the alkaline condition. (Germany Patent: 1668280)

Dihydromyrcenol has become a kind of important flavoring and fragrance ingredient. It is also widely used in daily chemical fragrance formulation, especially used in soap manufacturing.

Soviet spice experts had been researched the flavor quality in mixtures of Dihydromyrcenol and Myrcenyl Acetate. Results of the study show that when the contents of Myrcenyl acetate were above 10%, Dihydromyrcenol had the best flavor quality. Today, Dihydromyrcenol is widely used in the flavor of daily chemicals, especially soaps, the contents can be up to 20%.