Lemon Terpenes

Lemon Terpenes are extracted solely from domestic lemon trees and leaves no harsh chemical odors or residue. This refreshing aroma is nearly identical to the freshly peeled fruit and offers amazing stain fighting capabilities.

Lemon Terpenes maily use for removal of lime scale, calcium, soap scum, and other hard water and mineral stains.

Substance Identification

CAS 84292-31-7
FEMA 2625
HS.CODE 330113
Molecular Formula C12H13N3O2
Moleclar Weight N/A

Application & Uses

  • use for removal of lime scale, calcium, soap scum, and other hard water and mineral stains

Sales Specification

Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Odor Fruity, Lemon
Refractive Index, @ n20/D 1.470~1.474
Relative Density, @ d25/25 0.840~0.850
Optical Rotation, 20°C, ° ≥-90
Solubility All soluble in 5 volumes of 70% ethanol


  • Iron Drum, 100kg net each
  • Iron Drum, 200kg net each

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GHS Hazard Statements

H-Code no data available
P-Code no data available
Response no data available
Storage no data available
Disposal no data available


  • keep temperatures below 140EF (60EC) to prevent oxidation & preserve quality
  • should use epoxy-lined, flavor-free phenolic containers
  • store in sprinkler warehouse


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