What is the Natural camphor and Synthetic camphor

What is the Natural camphor and Synthetic camphor

By: Foreverest

Camphor is a kind of terpenoid with strong odor. It is a white or transparent waxy solid at room temperature.

There are two types of camphor in the market —natural camphor and synthetic camphor.


Natural camphor is found in many essential oils, especially in camphor oil. Natural camphor with unique camphor scent and a hint of mint odor is produced by distilling the bark and wood of the camphor tree found in East Asia. Synthetic Camphor is prepared by using alpha-Pinene as raw material, then esterify converted camphene into L-bornyl acetate, next to saponificate the L-bornyl acetate into DL-Isoborneol, and finally oxidate the DL-Isoborneol.

The properties between Natural Camphor and Synthetic Camphor are somewhat different, like Optical Rotation, Color etc. The color of Natural Camphor is a little whiter than Synthetic Camphor.

While both Synthetic Camphor and Natural Camphor, with similar functions, are widely used as pesticide and repellent, as pharmaceutical raw material, as topical medication, and in religious ceremonies.