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The Characteristics of Hydrogenated Terpene Resin

The Characteristics of Hydrogenated Terpene Resin

By: Foreverest Resources

Hydrogenated terpene resin is a deep-processed resin derivatives extracted from natural resins, usually derived from terpene compounds extracted from natural resins. These terpene compounds are prepared by hydrogenation reaction. Hydrogenated terpene resin has excellent antioxidant, heat resistance and weather resistance properties, and is commonly used in the preparation of paint formulations, ink formulations, adhesive formulations, plastic components and other products.

The properties of hydrogenated terpene resin are reflected in the following aspects:

  1. UV resistance: Hydrogenated terpene resin can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent long-term damage to materials caused by exposure to UV radiation. This is because its molecular structure contains chemical bonds or groups that have the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, which can protect coated objects from UV damage.
  2. Antioxidant stability: Hydrogenated terpene resin has good antioxidant stability. The molecules of this type of resin contain multiple unsaturated bonds, which can react with free radicals to form stable compounds, thereby preventing oxidation reactions from occurring. In addition, hydrogenated terpene resin also has a high molecular weight and density, which can effectively isolate air and water molecules and delay or avoid oxidation reactions, thus protecting the material’s performance.
  3. Heat resistance: Hydrogenated terpene resin can maintain its structure and properties unchanged even at high temperatures and can maintain stability at high temperatures, showing good heat resistance.
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance: Hydrogenated terpene resin has certain resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals, which can protect materials from corrosion.

Hydrogenated terpene polymer has a high molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, as well as a high cross-linking density. These characteristics enable hydrogenated terpene resin to increase the hardness, rigidity, and wear resistance of plastic products while reducing their brittleness and deformation ability, thereby improving their overall strength and durability. During production, an appropriate amount of hydrogenated terpene resin is added to the plastic raw materials and mixed and processed to produce plastic products that are resistant to chemicals and temperature changes, making them more suitable for use in harsh environments.

Foreverest supplies light-colored hydrogenated terpene polymer HTR105, which can be prepared to a water-white color. Compared with conventional hydrogenated terpene resin products, it has higher transparency and lighter color. Conventional hydrogenated terpene resins may exhibit dark or opaque colors.