Hydrocarbon Resins

Hydrocarbon resins are glass-like oligomers produced by polymerization of by-product streams, such as aliphatic (C5), aromatic (C9), DCPD (dicyclopentadiene), or mixtures of these, resulting mostly from the cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons for ethylene production. All hydrocarbon resins can be hydrogenated to improve color, odor, and stability as well as modifying compatibility.

Compared with Rosin based resins and Polyterpene based resins, the hydrocarbon resins have the benefits in high thermal stability, light color, polymer compatibility, low odor, direct food contact and excellent cold resistance.

Both Hydrocarbon resins and Natural resins, they have given the uncertainty and volatility existing in adhesives, inks and coatings markets. It is advisable to opt for both these sources of tackifiers and not completed depend on one.

Hydrogenated C5/C9

Foreverest© Hydrocarbon Resin Family, collecting the hydrogenated C5/C9, combined the benefits of Rosin based resins with Hydrocarbon resins, give a completed solution for industrial markets.

Compared with C5/C9, in HMA industry, the Hydrogenated C5/C9 acts to plasticize the polymer at elevated temperature. They usually have to be accomplished without significant negative effect on the cohesive strength of the polymer at ambient temperatures. Equally important for hot melts is the requirement that the thermal stability of the mixture is not impaired. in this respect, unhydrogenated C5/C9 are unsuitable for hot melts, and hydrogenated resins are the most suitable.

DCPD Resins

About 33% of the global DCPD production goes into the production of hydrocarbon resins. The key end-use sectors impacting DCPD demand include the tire and automotive industries, as well as the adhesives and construction sector. It is estimated that the supply of DCPD in China will be larger than the demand in the next few years. 93% of DCPD now is used to produce unsaturated polyester. The production of DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resins with high added value will be the focus for the development and use of DCPD in China.

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