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We have updated category of biopesticides

We have updated category of biopesticides

Good day, recently we have updated the category of agriculture and precise subdivided to biopesticides. In this new application line, we would supply the active ingredients base on monoterpene and plant extracts essential oils. The substances which original extracted from plants have green benefits with no harmful residues and biodegradable that will not pollute earth and water.

In the cases, these substances have being verified the mechanism and toxicities in effect on insects. They are potential complex ingredients for biopesticides.

On the promotion page, we list a table that it’s a quickly guide to lead you learn the application around monoterpen based and plant extracts. You would also search the products follow the names, CAS or MF on product page.

article resource updated category biopesticides

Figure 1. Use Market Filter in 2 step, (1) Select the market. (2) Select the function. (3) Click the search button.

Have you tried the Market Filter yet? That is a smart way of Two Step Solution to filtrate our hundreds of substances to quick find out the search results.

Anyway, we are a professional pine chemical supplier, contact with us to get your biopesticide solution.