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Update News of Navigation

Update News of Navigation

By: Jack Su, Digital Marketing Director, FOREVEREST®


We are updating the new navigation bar that offers powerful function for you. In this version, we reduce the numbers of button from 9 to 6. Try to put GROUP, MARKETS, DOCUMENT CENTER together under the PRODUCTS menu, we believe that can increase the visit efficiency for users, all the visiting action were click through the new bar.

For offering a powerful service, we were also developed a new PRODUCTS LIST WINDOW, that looks like a system UI as OA or ERP system, you would choose our products on GROUP, PROCESS, even Bio-Based according as the different of product range. When you find out the raw materials what you need, sending a quick quote from navigation bar. THAT’s Easy and Simple.

All the updates and En/Cn version will finish on this week. Thank you for your visiting and pleased for your work.

new-navigation-friendliy9 buttons on the old version bar, that’s a traditional design. We reduce it to 6 buttons, in fact, there are only 4 buttons were linked to other pages. And we increased a quote sending button to improve visiting efficiency. Now you can send the Emails to us on each pages.

There have a smart detail, when your mouse is hovering on the buttons, the menu will be extended and closed follows as your click. We consider when you are typing on SEARCH BAR or QUOTE FORM, you need the bar keep extending, so we uses two extending style. In this detail, you should type the key words or write a quick price quote to us easier and simply.



Now our SKU were grown more than 100 numbers, a smart navigation bar would assist you learn our products more friendly and easy. We identified our products by RANGE, GROUP, FAMILY and TYPE. This layer design was displayed on company pages and navigation bar. You should also learn our products as markets and our new brand. The new design means when you are searching some information you may click less and less.



Would you need to search CAS or key words on our official site? Would you want to send a quick price quote to us? Are you looking for the products but get lost on the SKUs and large category? Try to use the new navigation bar.