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The Top Skincare Ingredients for Your 2023 New Product Launches

The Top Skincare Ingredients for Your 2023 New Product Launches

Cosmetic chemists can select from an array of actives when creating next-gen skincare products. But what about next year? Based on search data, Trendalytics has released the active raw materials that should be a part of every chemist’s arsenal. The company notes that several traditional ingredients, like ceramides, have sustained growth by way of search volume. However, once popular ingredients, such as snail mucin and pro-retinol, have declined.

What’s a chemist to work with going forward? Below are some ideas:

Emerging Skincare Ingredients:

Emerging Skincare Ingredients
Ingredient %, Charges
Copper peptides +81% vs. last year
L-Glutamine +78% vs. last year
Mamey sapote +31% vs. last year
Kojic acid +34% vs. last year
Tripeptides +6% vs. last year
Microalgae +14% vs. last year
Alkaline water +9% vs. last year
Safe Bet Skincare Ingredients
Winter cherry +201% vs. last year
Snail mucin +134% vs. last year
Polyglutamic acid +83% vs. last year
Rosemary oil +111% vs. last year
Pro-retinol +96% vs. last year
Tremella mushroom +87% vs. last year
Ceramide +27% vs. last year

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