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ISAA 2016 Highlights Adjuvant Trends

ISAA 2016 Highlights Adjuvant Trends

Adjuvants can significantly improve the performance of crop protection products. Farmers and formulators enhance the efficacy of sprays by using these products as tank-mix or in-can. The science behind these additives and their smart application are the subjects of a five-day symposium in Monterey, CA (USA). From June 13 to June 17, specialists from research and industry will share here the latest trends and developments in this rapidly changing field.

The shift is increasingly clear: adjuvants and formulations are becoming greener and greener. Companies introduce environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products. Formulators replace commonly used solvents and other built-in adjuvants by biodegradable, environmentally friendly or less toxic alternatives. Another major thread in the world of adjuvants and formulations is the steady search for possibilities to enhance the performance of crop protection products. Adjuvant technology is also a useful tool to reduce or prevent spray drift – a topic that remains relevant because of changing spraying techniques and the shift to precision agriculture.

Adjuvant and formulation experts shall discuss these challenges and developments at the five-day International Symposium on Agrochemical Adjuvants and Formulations (ISAA 2016) in Monterey, CA. From June 13 to June 17, ag chem specialists from academia and industry will pay specific attention to the challenges to face in an era of tightening environmental regulations. Presentations about adjuvant and formulation novelties complete the comprehensive programme. ISAA 2016 partner Clariant and 21 other sponsors including the biggest adjuvants companies and suppliers present the latest trends in adjuvants and formulations during the related exhibition.

Specific symposium sessions deal with adjuvants and precision agriculture, with the formulation of biopesticides and with the future of adjuvants. A small part of this event is dedicated to fertilizer formulations. Manufacturers of (liquid) fertilisers can also acquire knowledge from findings that are primary intended to improve the performance of crop protection formulations.

Field Is Changing

The International Society for Agrochemical Adjuvants – ISAA Society for short – organizes an international symposium on adjuvants for agrochemicals every three years. The first issue of these successful symposia was held in Brandon, Manitoba (Canada). Since then, symposia have been held in the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

Three decades after the first ISAA symposium, the adjuvant field has significantly changed. Application and sale of adjuvants have reached a mature stage and experts foresee a future for knowledge-based and tailor-made products. The importance of generic (off-patent) crop protection products has rapidly increased, which is reflected by the growing interest in formulation topics. The boom of generics also has contributed to the growing popularity of ISAA symposia. Many delegates use these symposia to meet and learn from colleagues and to expand their network.

Expanding Scope

ISAA 2016 will focus on bridging adjuvant knowledge from those in industry, academia, and national laboratories in all areas of agrochemicals, from pesticide formulations to effective applications and new complementary technologies. “We expand the scope of our symposium to make it the best symposium in the world for crop protection formulations, and placing emphasis on serving emerging markets, such as Brazil,” says ISAA 2016 president Solito Sumulong.

As the 2016 Symposium is in California, some focus will be given to updated registration requirements for inerts in agrochemicals on the global, national, and local levels.

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