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Ichimaru Pharcos unwraps plant-derived VeganProteoglycan

Ichimaru Pharcos unwraps plant-derived VeganProteoglycan

Japanese cosmetic active ingredient maker Ichimaru Pharcos has launched VeganProteoglycan, a plant-derived proteoglycan.

Currently, proteoglycans are mainly derived from animal sources such as salmon, but Ichimaru Pharcos has developed VeganProteoglycan as an effective alternative.

The company says VeganProteoglycan is the world’s first product that successfully commercializes proteoglycans derived from the Ghatti (Anogiesuss latifolia) tree.

The function of VeganProteoglycan is to significantly increase fibroblasts, which are the source of extracellular matrix production in the dermis, and to increase the amount of type I collagen.

Furthermore, in a human application test, it was confirmed that VeganProteoglycan is effective in increasing the density of collagen in the dermis and reducing wrinkles.

VeganProteoglycan (INCI: Water, Butylene Glycol, Soluble Proteoglycan) is COSMOS-approved, IECIC2021 listed and Halal certified.

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