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How to select Tackifier

How to select Tackifier

Tackifier Resins, rarely used alone, are typically combined with other polymers to produce compounds with the required end use properties.


The mainly criteria in selection of  tackifier resin is the compatibility between the resin and the other polymers under consideration. Stability, viscosity, color, softening point, and odor are also important criteria which affect adhesive properties and formula cost, however unless the system is compatible, there is no need to consider other criteria.


After compatibility is determined, stability is the next most critical property to consider. Stability will determine whether the adhesive will endure through its desired lifetime and exposure to heat, oxygen, and chemicals. The chemical and process modifications to improve tackifier resin stability also can negatively affect the cost and color of the product.

Because of the stability is directly linked to the cost of the system, it is therefore critical to understand the stability requirements for a specific adhesive application.